Pricing and Billing

Why Monk?

Monk is built as a full-funnel upsell & cross sell suite to help you make incremental revenue from the same volume of store traffic. No need to download several different apps for different kinds of pre or post purchase offers - you can get everything in 1 app with Monk 🙏

Irrespective of the size of your store, you will always get access to all features of Monk:
- product page & cart page upsells
- one click (post purchase upsell)
- upsell bundles
- unlimited upsells and offers
- analytics to track progress
- fully customizable & mobile optimized offer
- translate offer in your store's native language
- no Monk branding anywhere
- 24*7 real time chat support (we're probably the best support team on all of Shopify 😉)

Free Trial

Every Monk subscription comes with a 7-day free trial. This is to ensure there's enough time for you to see an increase in sales via Monk before making a final buying decision.

Monk for stores processing >1000 orders per month

If your store processes more than 1,000 orders per month you qualify for white glove onboarding & support!
To ensure the app is set-up perfectly on your store & any issues you face in the future are immediately prioritized and solved you will be assigned a dedicated account manager as well.

What is Monk's pricing?

Pricing is based on the total number of orders your store processes within the 30 day billing cycle. As your store scales, the amount of revenue generated due to the app also increases. Pay as your brand grows!
If you're don't see tangible sales benefit from the app, do reach out to us via chat or email support & we'll do our best to ensure that you do 🔥

Monk is fully free, with all features for stores processing less than 100 total orders per month.

Note: All charges will be in USD

What kind of $ impact can I expect from Monk?

Median impact:

Monthly ROI - 9x
Funnel conversion rates - 2.3%
Days to break even - 3

Record stats:

Monthly ROI - 43x
Funnel conversion rates - 14.6%
Days to break even - 1

How is a billing cycle calculated?

A billing cycle is 30 days long & it starts one day after your free trial ends. You will not be charged if you uninstall the app before the end of your trial period. A charge will be made on the 1st day of every billing cycle based on the total number of orders processed by your store in the previous 30 days.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Simply uninstall the app from the apps section of your Shopify admin dashboard & you won't be billed.